With our combined professional experience, we make great things happen.​

Jonathan brings over 15 years working across sectors and roles. He has been a successful small business owner, environmental project manager, professional trainer. He is trained and certified through Bookkeeper Launch and is a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, a Certified Professional Training Manager, and able to take on any system.

Ilana is an accomplished illustrator, graphic designer, web designer, and communications guru with over eight years’ experience working with a variety of clients in nonprofits, and the wellness, food, creative, and social entrepreneurship sectors. She has created dozens of websites, and thousands of print and digital designs.




“I love connecting with people and hearing about their dreams and aspirations for their website, brand, and style. I want to help everyone shine and thrive in their online presence.”



“My skill is in linking the big picture and the tiniest details. I’m an educator at heart, so I love working with my clients to find those ‘ah-ha!’ moments that will make their lives easier and their business more successful.”

We met on a farm in northwest Connecticut.

There, not only did we find each other, we found the values of community, health, and connection to the land that we still live with today. 

We both share a passion for the health of our bodies, minds, and spirits; justice for our communities and the community of living things. We believe that healing comes from the earth, in growing things and in the food that joins us together. 

When things get challenging between us (and they definitely do!), we strive for authenticity, humility and openness. We try to bring this humility to any relationship –personal or professional- knowing that there is a whole person on the other end who knows things we don’t and deserves our respect and appreciation.

a few facts about us


we jam at sunset

You can often find us late into the evening, playing instruments, singing, and just enjoying good music as the sun goes down.


we go off trail

On our nature journeys we always make it a point to stray off trail and wander through the forest. We love the surprises and discoveries that come with going off the beaten path.


we got married in the rain

We were married in 2016 in a small backyard wedding under a beautiful fall grapevine (and a large tarp). The rain was so loud that no one could hear our vows except us!


we forage

We know and love our region’s plants and, when the season is right, we will gladly eat the many wild berries in our region. Ilana is also a champion u-picker and fruit tree finder, and our fridge is full of fresh local fruit from June to October.


we’re silly

We each have a very playful streak that comes out all the time (even sometimes when it shouldn’t). Ilana loves some fun wordplay, and Jonathan is a fan of voices, accents and ridiculous improvised stories.


our lives are far from perfect

Like anyone, we go through it. We struggle with navigating the challenging world and our unique partnership. We welcome opportunities to learn more, be humble and grateful, and grow into new understandings and ways of being.

Our commitment

Jay & Oak recognizes that businesses owned and run by Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, and LGBTQ+ folx face additional challenges due to systemic oppression. For this reason, Jay & Oak is willing to negotiate discounted services for businesses run by a majority of people who carry one of these identities. We strive to support organizations and businesses that acknowledge and seek to minimize and repair historic and current harms through their services or other efforts.

What do you need to take your business to the next level?
We want to get you there.

trusted allies on your business journey.

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